The SENDS Difference

After years of extracting and purifying cannabinoid ingredients for mass CPGs, our team of scientists, led by Dr. Noi Obias, outlined three pivotal industry-wide challenges to creating efficacious and dynamic products with cannabinoids. Our patented SENDS™ Technology was specifically designed to solve all three of these challenges.

Water Solubility

Human beings are predominantly water, cannabinoids are oil based, to create the most efficacious products, the oil must be made water soluble.


Absorption rates for cannabinoids are between 10-20% in their oil form. Water solubility aids in absorption, but nano-encapsulation allows the body to absorb more of the molecule.


Particle size and water solubility play a critical role in absorption. Permeability, however, is crucial in influencing speed of onset.

SENDS™ Technology encapsulates cannabinoids at >15nano-meters. The initial encapsulation is designed to neutralize the polarity of the oil and create a highly absorbable, water-soluble ingredient. The second, or dual-encapsulation, increases permeability and speed of onset while simultaneously making it a shelf-stable and translucent solution. The dual encapsulation occurs on the nano-scale for maximum absorption.

We are proud to partner with Cellular Nutraceuticals to offer the world a product that delivers the covid defending cannabinoids powered by SENDS™.